Want to kiss training plateaus goodbye forever? Then, read this letter carefully and...

"Laugh In The Face of Adaptation As
You Put On Pounds of Chiseled Mass
Week After Week, Year After Year...

And Finally Maximize Your Genetic Potential As
Fast As Humanly Possible..."

You're about to discover why 99% of bodybuilders only reach a third of their genetic potential and how you can experience nonstop natural muscle growth with a new ground-breaking bodybuilding protocol designed to maximize your gains, cuts and definition without steroids...

From: Wade McNutt
National Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Dear Natural Bodybuilder,

Imagine if you sat down in a private meeting with all of the greatest bodybuilding legends of all time: Arnold, Bill Pearl, Tom Platz, Vince Gironda and several cutting-edge doctors and they put their minds together to create the ultimate muscle-building system of all time...

What would happen? I'll tell you what I think in just a minute...

But first, let me ask you 2 questions: Do you remember what your ultimate vision was that got you into bodybuilding? And... What has stopped you from building your dream physique without steroids?

In 99% of cases its: adaptation. Your body is the most intelligent machine on earth. It can predict what you're going to do next, based on what you've already done. That's why training routines STOP working.

This chart reveals what happens to many bodybuilders who don't have an intelligently designed high-volume training system. After some initial results, they soon become burned out from chronic overtraining.
Let's go a little deeper into the science... There are 2 forces that are always working against you.

When you start doing lots of training volume, you'll get great results for a while and then the your body will adapt and push you into a state of overtraining.

And then opposite is true as well, if you start doing high intensity training you'll grow for a while and then your body will adapt and pull you into a state of undertraining.

Ask any guy who's done a "high intensity" training system for more than 6 months, "How's your results lately?" And unless he's on an truckload of steroids, the honest answer will be, "Not much". Here's why...

As you can see, the trainee that was doing lots of training volume now drops the total stress by doing high intensity training and will get some results for a while. But then, the body adapts and it gets "stuck" in undertraining. This is when most bodybuilders resort to using steroids and growth hormones. If only they knew how to train...

Almost NO ONE understands this, yet this is the critical key that can unlock the most amazing results you'll ever experience.

For starters, you need several different training systems that work synergistically together. A training routine is NOT a system. A training routine is a small part of an overall protocol.

Most trainers don't have a clue when it comes to building a comprehensive system. They just haphazardly go from one random routine to the next. Your body is just too darn smart for that strategy to work.

Here's the Ultimate Solution:
An Intelligently Designed
3-Phase Master Bodybuilding Protocol

There are 3 distinct training systems that you need cycle through to achieve amazing non-stop muscle growth. Phase 1 is: The Freaky Foundation Stage, Next is is: The Endless Growth Phase and finally, you move on to the Muscle Mastery training. I'll explain all three phases in detail in a minute, just stay with me..

This is an overview of what a well-designed training system will do for your body. This is the secret to getting continuous non-stop gains week after week, year after year...

Here's the First Step to
Maximizing Your Genetic Potential Naturally

For your first training system, you need a foundation phase that builds up your nervous system so it can send more "growth signals" to your muscles. That's exactly what our first course, Freaky Big Naturally, revealed. However, we only gave 3 Foundation Routines inside of that manual.

Of course, when following an advanced training system like Freaky Big Naturally, you'll get some fantastic results for awhile. But sooner or later... Adaptation is going to rear it's ugly head and your results are going to grind to a halt.

So, What's the next step in your quest
To building your dream body?

Here's step 2: It's called an 'Endless Growth' phase.


It's intense and I love it, I really force myself hard to keep up with the program and I never give up! The heaviest dumbells in our gym is 120lbs and my goal is to use that regularly.

I will be using them for incline press pretty soon. I used 110's today and got 5 reps without help. The guy spotting me said I had perfect form for all 5 reps too!

That's the most I've done in over a year. I'm quite happy!

Kevin Elsliger
New Brunswick Canada

Endless Growth is a completely different training system that is designed to sculpt the raw mass you've built into a greek statue that would make Michealangelo proud!

When you switch from a Foundation Phase to an Endless Growth Phase, your body explodes with results.

You'll see new details in your shoulders that you've never seen before... You'll see your bicep and tricep fibers come to life... Your quadriceps and hamstring muscles will be seperated like never before.

Your symetry and proportions will be fine tuned and refined to the "pro zone"... Your chest and back muscles will get ripped and shredded... And your abs will be ready for the cover of a fitness magazine...

But sooner or later...Your body will adapt and your gains will come to a dead stop.

Even with all of the hundreds of amazing testimonials we received from all over the globe, we knew there was another level of results possible for natural guys like you. I'm a "mad gym scientist" and I'm never satisfied with the status quo.

We needed a completely new training system that would truly maximize your genetic potential. So, he started investigating every possible source he could get his hands on.

What If Arnold, Bill Pearl, Vince Gironda, Frank Zane, Tom Platz, and 3 Underground Doctors Combined Their Best Muscle-Building Strategies And Created The Ultimate Bodybuilding Protocol?
They Would've Created Phase 3: The Mastery Training

I left no stone unturned in my quest to build the ULTIMATE natural bodybuilding system... My mission led me to study and analyze: Bill Pearl, Arnold, Tom Platz, Leo Costa, Vince Gironda, Scott Abel, several cutting-edge medical doctors and health practioners...

Then, I picked those systems apart like a clock. And then, I started putting all of the best components of each system together. I even pulled in kinesiologist Matt Gallant and we went into the gym and tested these ground-breaking concepts. And they blew us away.

"I weighed in at 191.5 lbs yesterday. So far that is a gain from 182, so almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks! I havn't checked my bodyfat % yet, but I will do that today as part of my workout. I can't believe the changes!

I got some comments yesterday from my sister-in-law about how I am growing and filling out. It made me feel good someone noticed.... and said something about it."

Jon Durkovic

My guns passed the 18 inch mark naturally... Matt's chest hit the 48 inch mark naturally... Some of my long-time clients packed on 10 lbs of lean body mass in 3 weeks. We knew this was "IT".

But, we are perfectionists. So, we had to be sure. I spent over a year and a half tweaking each element of the system into the ultimate bodybuilding protocol: The Complete Physique: Muscle Mastery Training System.

We truly believe that if all of the greatest minds in the bodybuilding world got together in a private meeting, they would leave the room with the Muscle Mastery Training System.

Maximize Your Genetic Potential With
New Ground-Breaking Bodybuilding Protocol
That Gives The Natural Guy The Ultimate Edge

Then, we flew to Canada in December and got rolling with the cameras. Matt had this to say: Wade’s magic just shined through. Frankly, many people who've watched it feels it blows away "Pumping Iron" and every other bodybuilding video ever released.

We’ll let you be the judge of that.

We feel we captured all of the magic and the nuances of ALL 3 TRAINING SYSTEMS on film. For the first time ever, you’ll understand the deep insider secrets behind the: Foundation Training, The Endless Growth Phase and most importantly: The new Muscle Mastery Training System.

"Well this is what you can look forward to if you train really hard, diet strictly and supplement properly (Masszymes). I started on this program Nov 1st 2006 from the primer program, at that point I was weighing in at a hefty 240 lbs at 15-17% body fat. I was really out of shape. My arms were 17 ", 36" waist and I didn't measure anything else. As of Dec 28th (less than 2 months later), I weight 240 11% bodyfat 18 1/2' arms (an inch and a half more) and my belt has tightend up two notches.

I have got a lot of lookers in the gym and a lot of questions as to what I'm doing..... What I'm taking (They think I'm on the sauce).

- Evan

So, our goal was to put ourselves OUT of business as far as selling training programs go. We could of easily kept selling the programs as a monthly membership... Or created a dozen follow-ups to Freaky Big Naturally, but we said “Forget all that jazz!”

We created the "Be all and end all" of muscle building training systems. We put together 6 Foundation Programs (Including 3 brand new Foundation phases) and 6 Endless Growth Training Foundation (including 3 new Endless Growth programs) and best of all... there's 12 new Mastery Training routines with 3 different variations on each one. We could easily charge $500 for each Mastery Training routine like I have with my personal clients (which would cost you $6000).

Brutal Power, Serious Growth, or
Muscular Endurance, The Choice Is Yours...

I then show you how you can tweak your training based on your own personal goals. Maybe you’re into football or wrestling and you need some brutal power. Perhaps, you just want to get as big as humanly possible... Or maybe, you need some muscular endurance for rowing, the army, or other athletic endeavors.

I am 18 years old and have been using your program now, getting the emails, etc. for around 3 months now. I appreciate all you do and it has gotten me to be better in the sport of rowing. I am a D1 rower at Madison and have gained over 20 pounds of mass. I have also dropped my 2k(the standard race for rowing) almost 10 seconds!!! I have attached my pictures.I used to weigh 195 and am now(in the picture) 217.

Thanks so much and am glad there is someone out there that isn't promoting steriods as the way to go, but instead is teaching how to work your ass off the real, safe, and proper way.

Zach Ellison

For the first time ever, I reveal exactly how I train my $2000 a month clients. I have NEVER explained this anywhere publicly before. I'm really "giving away the farm" on this one.

The Secrets to Mastering Your
Physique Are Finally Revealed

Do you know what makes a personal trainer world-class? It’s his ability to know when to switch his clients’ training... Knowing when his trainee is adapting to a specific system and then giving him a new protocol that keeps their body guessing. And honestly, very few personal trainers have this “sixth sense”.

And for the first time ever, I reveal exactly how I did this with my clients... And more importantly, I explain in-depth how you can do it for yourself. You will NOT find this information anywhere else.

Now, let’s review what you’re getting:

The Complete Physique: Muscle Mastery Training System

In this huge 283 page "Bible", you'll get all of the details you'll need to reach the upper limits of your genetic potential. Whoever believes that you can't get continuous non-stop results has never used this groundbreaking system.

Here’s the training programs you’ll receive:

6 Foundation Programs...

Training Program
Foundation 1
Watch Your Lats, Quads and Chest Explode With Growth With This 12 Week Routine.
Foundation 2
Your Hamstrings, Lower Back and Upper Pecs With Expand To the Next Dimension On This 12 Week Program.
Foundation 3
Your Quadriceps, Shoulders and Guns Will Gain Inches On This 12 Week Routine.
Foundation 4
Thicken Your Back Muscles, Lats and Legs To the Max With This 12 Intense 12 Week Program.
Foundation 5
Build Explosive Total Body Power and Growth With This Hardcore 12 Week Routine.
Foundation 6
Expect More Serious Leg Growth and Dramatic Shoulder Gains On This 12 Week Program.

5 Endless Growth Phases...

Training Program
Endless Growth 1
Watch Your Chest, Back and Legs Get Lean and Ripped On This 12 Week Routine.
Endless Growth 2
You'll Love How Your Triceps and Biceps Get Big and Cut On This 12 Week Powerful Program.
Endless Growth 3
Force Your Arms and Shoulders To Grow To the Next Level of Size And Seperation On This 12 Week Routine.
Endless Growth 4
Watch Your Legs and Pecs Get Ripped to Shreds With This Intense 12 Week Program.
Endless Growth 5
More Incredible Arm Gains Await You When You Perform This 12 Week Cycle.

(and best of all)...

12 new Mastery Training routines
with 3 different variations on each one.

Training Program
Mastery Phase 1
Watch Your Entire Physique Transform When You Start This Incredible New Training Protocol.
Mastery Phase 2
Expect A New Level of Size In Your Entire Physique After This Routine.
Mastery Phase 3
You'll Love The New Cuts and Definition That Will Appear After Your Done This Program.
Mastery Phase 4
Add Inches of Width With This Fun, But Intense Training Cycle
Mastery Phase 5
Blow Up Your Guns and Quads Another Half Inch Or More With This Routine
Mastery Phase 6
Serious Gains From Head To Toe Await You With This Amazing Training Cycle.
Mastery Phase 7
Grow, build definition, and get ripped With This Hardcore Program.
Mastery Phase 8
Watch Your Chest, Back and Shoulders Blow Up To Another Dimension After This Routine.
Mastery Phase 9
Bulk Up Your Biceps and Triceps With This Growth-Enducing Cycle.
Mastery Phase 10
You'll Squeeze Inches of New Muscle Gains From This Program.
Mastery Phase 11
Another Genius Training Routine That Will Max Out Your Muscularity.
Mastery Phase 12
Put The "Greek Statue" Touch To Your Physique With This Amazing Training Cycle.

I have charged personal clients $500 for EACH one of these programs (At that price, it would cost you $12,000 for all of these routines). But, as they say on infomercials, “That’s not all folks...”

Each one of the routines will last between 3 to 12 weeks, giving you over 5 years of intelligent training program design!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these 5 DVDs are worth a billion. Check out the DVDs that await you...
The Foundation Training DVD

In this DVD, I reveal the insider secrets to performing "Foundation Training". Foundation Training is the process that expands the nervous system to new levels, which allow the muscles to receive more "growth signals".

Where does the science of foundation training come from? I analyzed German volume training, Russian Olympic secrets, and Scott Abel's Growth Protocols and decoded the common denominator between all of these systems and then built a completely new protocol that allows you to grow day after day.

The Foundation Training should be performed by all novice and intermediate trainees to prepare the body for years of intense hypertrophy. Get ready to build a serious foundation!

Get the answers to the following questions:

What is the best way to perform exercises for maximum muscle growth? Is it time under tension? Is it explosive movements? Or both?

Should you cheat when you are lifting heavy weight? Specific answer will boost each set stimulation by 10 to 15 percent. This will snowball into incredible results.

What is the number one secret you should learn from Arnold when you watch Pumping Iron? The answer might surprise you.

How should you eat on a foundation phase to maximize your weight gain from week to week? Listen closely on how you can avoid damaging your metabolism like so many pro bodybuilders do as they annihilate their health and shorten their life spans by decades.

What is better than squats for full body growth? You will find out at the 21 minute mark.

Here's a few more insider tactics you’ll discover on this DVD:

  • How to perform perfect explosive movements that activates the highest possible number of muscle fibers set after set. It’s easy to blow this one if you don’t understand the subtle difference between: explosiveness and momentum (Crossing this fine line can rob you of 50 percent of your gains).

  • Discovery exactly when and how to switch from training system to training system. This is what will make your body explode with continuous extreme anabolic growth.

  • What's the weird clothing accessory you should wear while you workout to maximize results? Find out at 26:30.

  • The #1 secret to building thick Gorilla-like back muscles that make Batman jealous. So many body builders miss this small critical factor. Watch it at 27:25.

  • Want to squeeze 20% more growth from each set? Then do what I'm doing around the 28 minute mark in between reps.

  • If you want maximum power and endurance in your workout, then you need to incorporate a ’s strange but effective “quadruple pump breath method”.

  • The virtually unknown innervation pattern and breakthrough is broken down in detail at 41:10. Those that understand this secret are light years ahead of every other bodybuilder on the planet.

"Wade McNutt... a genius at formulating
training and diet programs"

"Wade McNutt has got to be one of greatest trainers in the world. In just 9 months following his training and diet protocols I've managed to radically transform my physique such that seasoned bodybuilder's at my gym who I really looked up to and admired from when I first started have approached me and asked me to be their training partners. There is not one day I go to the gym and struggle to get through my workout because I'm constantly bombarded with questions regarding how I've transformed my physique so radically and quickly. I'm not saying this to brag, but rather to express the power of Wade's knowledge, who happens to be a genius at formulating training and diet programs to help people achieve any goal as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Andrew Rudakov, Australia

  • The energy transference secret that Arnold used to propel him to the Mr. Olympia level is finally exposed at the 45:45 minute mark.

  • You will be shocked when you see how I modify my training style at 48:41. This is one of the small details that will warp your physique into the pro zone. You will be blasting a whole new batch of muscle fibers that you have probably never touched before.

  • Want bulging biceps? I'll show you the picture perfect form. Hint, watch my palms.

  • The truth about performing barbell curls. Watch carefully what I do at the bottom of each rep. It could add another inch of growth to your guns in the next three months.

  • Why you must pay close attention to the “force decrement factor” in every set you do. If you ignore this, you might be heading for a serious burnout and injuries that could stop your training all together.

  • The best type of exercise to finish your workouts to push your gains over the top; this secret even surprised me and it brought my body to the next level. (Thanks Wade) You will be recruiting some deep, deep muscle fibers that are usually completely ignored.

Are you a beginner? Intermediate? Or advanced bodybuilder? I'm gonna give you the exact answer you need to bring your physique to the next dimension.

The Endless Growth DVD

The Endless Growth stage is the next phase after the Foundation Training. It's purpose is to bring out the details, cuts and seperation in your muscles.

The Endless Growth phase is perfect for trainees who want to get lean and have more definition in their physique. Also, it's powerful to cycle Endless Growth phases in between Foundation Training or Mastery Training to stop your body from adapting.

Remember... Adaptation is the enemy in the battle for the complete physique.

On the actual DVD, you’ll get such incredible secrets such as:

What’s the optimal plane of motion for incline bench presses to force your upper chest to expand to the pro zone. Watch it at 3:45. (You can finally fill up those stubborn areas. These unique tweaks will blow up your chest to the max once and for all.)

Need to do explosive lifting during the endless growth phase? Wrong! This is a completely different ballgame with new sets of rules. You will be getting all the nitty gritty details inside this exciting DVD.

Activate your deepest chest fibers by hitting your maximum overload point in the dumbbell fly. Your pecs will widen and thicken to their genetic potential after you incorporate this crucial secret.

Blow your chest pump another 15% by adding a special little trick at the end of the exercise.

When do you go from compound movements to isolation exercises? And when do you switch from isolation moves to compound exercises? This is another advanced question that is answered inside this groundbreaking DVD.

Should you be like Tom Platz and play mental games in the gym? Yes. It’s a crucial component in building a world class physique and you will be training yourself to get to the “Rocky zone” after you integrate this into your game plan. See it at 32:40.

And of course, much, much more!

Mastery Training DVDs Part 1 & 2

Together with Matt Gallant, I've created the ultimate training system by combining all of the most critical bodybuilding discoveries made in the last 40 years into 1 comprehensive protocol.

Mastery Training is designed to get you bigger than ever, while burning bodyfat. You won't believe the results you'll achieve after a few short months of this breakthrough system.

Mastery Training will Produce
Amazing Results
In Even the Most Seasoned Athlete

This is where your physique will reach the Mastery Level of it's genetic potential. Get ready to build the Complete Physique with the Mastery Training!

Here's some of the secrets you'll learn on this ground-breaking DVD:

What's the secret that allowed us to double our volume and growth without spending any extra time in the gym? Find out at the 5-minute mark.

What the heck is ultra micro periodization? Yes, it is another groundbreaker that hits every muscle fiber you've got. This maximizes your growth from every single workout.

What's the critical difference from strength training and bodybuilding? Not one athlete or body builder out of a thousand understands this vital distinction. And if you don’t... You’ll easily sacrifice 50% of your potential muscle gains.

At the 30-minute mark you will hear the magic key words that automatically perfect your form with every repetition. You will squeeze 25% more results from every set by performing them this way.

Build The Foundation of Arnold and Columbo
The Density and Development of Bill Pearl
The Definition, Mass and Seperation of Tom Platz
Without Steroids, GH and Insulin

What's the "forgotten classic" that helped Arnold build his legendary upper body? (see it at 37:52).

Want a raw, thick, dense physique? Then listen closely while I decode an advanced kinesiological concept that unlocks megabolic growth in your upper body. Pay close attention at the 39-minute mark.

Build a thick explosive back by using a virtually unused exercise. The world's top power lifters rely on this incredible mass builder to win championships. Watch your back power explode!

What can you learn from Muhammad Ali? It's called the Clown Room and it will give you the power to go to the deepest depths of the pain zone and prevail. This is one of the factors that allows you to push your training to places you have never dreamed before.

The secret to my awesome ab sequence is finally exposed for the first time ever at the one-hour mark. This exercise trilogy will put your muscles on fire and build a nice defined six-pack that will get you attention when you take off your shirt at the beach or in the bedroom.

Advanced Nutritional Video DVD

We really break the mold on bodybuilding and athletic nutrition in this informative DVD. You'll join Wade and Matt, as we investigate grocery stores, health food shops and restaurants in our quest to give you the most advanced nutritional secrets on the planet. You'll be shocked as I debunk nutritional myth after nutrional myth. You'll never look at food the same way again... Get ready to give your body the optimal fuel for maximum results!

On the advanced nutritional DVD, you will learn some of the most advanced nutrition secrets in real world settings. Here’s a few of the amazing tips and tricks you’ll learn in this fun DVD:

What kind of juices should you avoid like the plague unless you want to add inches of fat to your waistline?

Want to maximize anabolic drive? Eat this gorilla favorite food (it is not bananas) and throw in some life force dense veggies to kick your recovery into gear.

Build muscle while burning fat by incorporating the revolutionary “double cycling” strategy. Best of all you get to eat your favorite foods every week without adding body fat. You'll be shocked when you integrate the second part of my advanced cycling strategy. This gets your body lean and ripped while priming your body for maximum amino acid absorption.

Do you struggle with craving snacks sometimes? Then you'll love this strategy to stay lean while you enjoy your favorite tasty treats.

Love eggs? If you do, pay close attention to my insider tips on selecting, cooking, and preparing the most anabolic egg meal possible.

Should you eat more than one gram of protein per pound of body weight? Absolutely not! My controversial answer would freak out most of the experts but the results don't lie.

Can you enjoy restaurants without sacrificing your results? Yes, you can after you watch the advanced restaurant management strategies. You will be able to enjoy fun times with your friends and family without feeling guilty or piling on layers of body fat. (You won't believe the power of a very specific "keyword" you can use in restaurants to make the Chef create whatever your heart desires.)

What is the perfect water for maximum anabolism? This virtually unknown secret will make a dramatic difference in your health and vitality as well as your muscle recovery.

Love coffee? You might want to test drive a totally tasty healthy alternative from the jungles of Peru that has incredible health-improving, fat-burning, energy and power... And it tastes great.

Want to pack on one to two pounds a week without getting fat? Then throw in some of this delicious anabolic "butter".

Triple the muscle-building power of nuts and seeds by using a special process that has been used by Indian yogi masters to unlock the power of this special food.

What is the healthiest most powerful cooking oil on earth? It's not olive oil. This uncommon oil will also increase your testosterone to its full potential naturally.

Our Gifts To You...

We have always had the intention of giving you the V.I.P. treatment. The fact that you joined Freaky Insider means a lot to us. So, we want to be as generous as humanly possible with you.

We weren’t joking around when we said that this is the “be all and end all” of bodybuilding systems. Here’s Some More Bonuses...

The Physical Version of the Elite Exercise Performance Manual

You'll also get a printed version of the Elite Exercise Performance Manual. We've NEVER done this before... and ONLY those that buy the Complete Physique: Muscle Mastery Training System will get their hands on this exciting bonus.

Every Audio Seminar and Audio Clip We’ve Ever Produced...

There are too many to list here... But you’ll get all of the MP3s from the Elite Exercise Performance... The Ultimate Secret audio seminar... The 4 audio seminars from the Freaky Big Naturally... and much more!

And we’ve saved the tastiest for last:

Marvelous Megabolic Meals by Natasha Volynsky also known as "Fitness Girl"

Most people think "Eating healthy doesn't taste good." And 99.9% of the time they are right on the money. However, they've never eaten any of Fitness Girl's magic recipes. These are beyond anyone's imagination. Listen... No words can communicate how powerful, anabolic and tasty these meals are.

Natasha blew my own mind with this book. Frankly, this is best nutritional book that I could ever dream of.

You’ll learn some the most advanced nutritional secrets on the planet. Incredible facts such as:

Natasha "Fitness Girl" Volynsky

  • The powerful sweetner from Brazil that’s loaded with minerals, vitamins and it’s 300 times sweeter than sugar. (Best of all, it has absolutely NO harmful effects. The Japanese have been eating it for several decades.)

  • The 5 most powerful “super chargers” that you can add to any shake. One of them contains over 5000 enzymes and co-enzymes...

  • Another super food from South America contains over 60 anabolic phytochemicals (Some people call it, “Nature’s Viagra”)...

  • The next super food comes from the Himalayas and helps build muscle and burn fat (and it’s a very tasty snack)...

  • Then, there’s the super food that contains the most antioxidants known to man. It’s super high in magnesium, which helps you build super strength and there’s also a natural “Prozac” that can make you feel like a million bucks!

    Here’s the list of mindblowing recipes you’re going to receive with your package:


Megabolic 1000

The Chocolate Banana Cream

CocoNutty Cream Shake

Hemp Goes Chai

The "Hulk"

The Revitalizer

Appetizers and Dips

Stuffed Tomato Cups

Stuffed peppers

Raw No Bean Hummus

Raw Taboule


Fresh RawSalsa

Tomato Basil RAWviolli

Main Dishes

Gingered Winter Veggies

Veggie Sushi Raw Style

Rosemary Wrap

Zuggetti with Marinara Sauce

Raw Living Lasagna

Nut Milk and Creams

Brazil Nut Milk

Almond Milk

Nut Milk Quickie

Hemp Milk

Vanilla Breezer

Raw Sour Cream

Hemp Cream

Almond Cream

Soups and Salads

Spring Healing Garden Soup

Raw Chili with Sour Cream

Tomato Basil Soup

Megabolic Salad

Carrot Ginger Salad

Wonderful Hemp & Kale Salad


Apple SchMaple

McNutt Delight

Very Berry Bowl

Peaches and Cream


Coconut Cream Pie


Chocolate Gum Drop Truffles

Caramel Hemp Mouse

Apple pie

Raw Banana Softserve Icecream
Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip

Banana Bread

Strawberry Chai

Berry Sorbet

Creamy Blueberry Icecream

Also, coming soon:

Our New Flash Version of
Elite Exercise Performance Videos

We also released the online "flash video" version of Elite Exercise Performance. This means you’ll be able to easily watch all the video clips from Elite Exercise Performance without downloading them. Just hit the “play button” and watch them...

We’re actually going to increase the price of the Elite Exercise Performance course... But, you’ll get it all for FREE!

The Most Powerful Natural Bodybuilding Community On The Planet

FOR THE FIRST 200 PEOPLE who buy the Complete Physique: Muscle Mastery Training System, they will get a FREE membership to the new Muscle Mastery Community. Thatís right, youíll never have to pay 1 red cent in membership fees. We used to charge $249 a year or $29.95 a month for a membership to Freaky Insider. So, this bonus alone is worth the price of the entire course.



Listen, we are going to do everything in our power to make this deal irresistible. When you buy the new course, you’ll also receive free program updates for the next 2 years. Yes, we have a few surprises coming down the pipeline for those who buy the course and commit to it. We are planning on overdeliving in spades...

Don’t Miss Out On

Your Exclusive Action-Taker Bonuses

We love to reward action takers... So here's the list of exclusive bonuses you can receive if you take action quickly.

  • The First 200 People: Get access to the NEW Muscle Mastery Community.

  • The Next 50 People: Will get access to 3 follow-up closed door teleseminars that will answer some deeper questions about the Muscle Mastery course. Only the first 50 will get the chance to ask questions and be part of the live call.

We talked for many countless hours on what should be the price. I have personally paid as much as $5000 for business courses and seminars. When we asked ourselves what this course is worth with all of the bonuses, we said it’s easily worth $1000.

But, then we asked ourselves: What can most people afford? The answer to that question was: $497.

Yes, you can get it all (including your free membership to the new Muscle Mastery community) for the same price as what we used to charge for a 1 year membership to Freaky Insider.

We think this is almost “too cheap”.
We really feel that we are almost giving the farm away...

Maybe, you’re asking yourself “What’s the catch? Why is this deal so crazy? Why are we selling this course to you for so little?” First, we feel that you deserve it for sticking it out through the good, the bad and the ugly... For trusting us to be your guides in the confusing world of natural bodybuilding.

Also, you will be helping us out. It’s no secret that we are NOT a “big corporate fat cat business”. It’s just Wade and Matt and a couple of girls for support. And frankly, the cost of duplicating this course is VERY, VERY HIGH! It’s by far the most expensive product we’ve ever made. We could've cut corners left, right and center – but we refused to. We want you to be blown away by the quality from the inside out. The downside is, quality costs money.

To be totally honest, we have to pay some huge bills (warehousing, advertising, customer and technical support to name a few) just to stay online and make this available to you.

If this still sounds like a lot of money, don't worry. We have an easy payment plan to make it as affordable as possible so you can get started right away. (I can't guarantee how long we'll offer this.)

You will soon possess the most cutting edge natural bodybuilding secrets in the world.

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Wade McNutt
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"18 1/2 Inch Arms!"


I just measured my legs yesterday and .........CRAP!
I just measured them 2 weeks ago and they had already gone up 1/4 inch from about 2 weeks before..... Then I remeasured yesterday, and they went up ANOTHER 1/4 INCH. So, in 1 month they have shot up another 1/2 inch. Oh, I forgot to mention. My legs now are 26 1/2 inches.

2 Weeks Later:
I am excited because I just measured my legs again....it has only been Less Than 2 Weeks since I last measured my legs and...... They have grown another 1/2 inch. Ya, that's right...Now they are 27 inches.. Body Weight - 211pounds And the arms are now just a little over 18 1/2 inches.
Thanks Wade and everyone"

Mark Grauer

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